Feedback from Clients

Ann brought a  calming and pragmatic voice, balanced with true passion and enthusiasm for the work to the table for us. 

Ann supported us in our goal to establish a 24/7 mental health and Substance Use Disorder (SUD)/ crisis facility, including detox. I have found many consultants can talk the talk, but most miss the mark on execution. Ann’s personal track record building the very behavioral health programs we were seeking to develop sets her apart as a consultant who walks the walk.  

Ann is the ideal consultant for anyone seeking to build community-driven programs that require tying together diverse - sometimes conflicting – perspectives from various stakeholders. 

Brian Turner, CEO,  Solvista Health

Ann Noonan brings broad knowledge of the Behavioral Health trade, expertise in landscape, strategic perspective to any effort she is engaged in. 

Ann worked to support the Federal State Opiate Response Medication Assisted Therapies  mobile units (a complicated project requiring a combination [of skills] which Ann possesses and few others do).  Another example is the Circle [dual diagnosis] treatment program expansions, requiring clinical fidelity and ensuring evidence-basis. 

I  would recommend Ann for any treatment and recovery providers, payers (Regional Accountable Entities (RAEs), Managed Service Organizations (MSOs), trade associations, State and Federal agencies.  She will prove an asset to your effort! 

Daniel Darting, CEO, Signal Behavioral Health Network

 Ann has a deep understanding of the intricacies of substance use disorder payment processes at both the state and federal level. She has experience in both writing grants and working towards making specific grants successful. She is a researcher as well as a counselor. She has worked in the substance use field for many years and has proven to be an asset in all her roles. She is smart, funny, creative, kind, and humble.

Ann has played a crucial role in the development of the annual Colorado Behavioral Health Training Conference for many years. Through her contacts and knowledge of behavioral health and substance use issues, she has consistently found great speakers for the conference and has shown both leadership in her role as a conference co-chair as well as determination. With her help, CBHC has been able to bring in amazing speakers who discuss new advances in the fight against substance use disorders. 

In her role as the director for a Managed Service Organization, Ann was thoughtful about meeting individual and community needs, while navigating the dynamics of state and local funding.  She is talented in many ways, and brings her passion for the work to everything she touches.

Ann has already shown that she can work at both the state level and for a non-profit Managed Services Organization. She would be a tremendous asset to those looking to learn more about how the state and federal governments spend money to combat the substance use crisis. She would fit in well working on behalf of the state, local substance use non-profits, and any other programs that work with those who have substance use disorders.

Doyle Forrestal , Exec Director, 

Colorado Behavioral Health Council (CBHC)